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  1. To provide Consultation, Support Planning and Specialist Assessments in line with Section 7 Guidance, Social care for Deafblind Adults and Children, Department of Health, 2009.
  2. To enable people from all sectors of the community to create awareness; train staff to operate with an enablement focus and help to address equal access within their roles, workplace and community.
  3. To provide specialist Communicator-Guides to facilitate safe guiding and specialist communication at appointments/sessions.
  4. To develop a Rehabilitation service, including assessments, reviews and teaching by trained Rehabilitation Officers and Rehabilitation Support Workers.
  5. To provide a flexible service in line with the Personalisation Agenda, with staff who are qualified and experienced in deafblindness.
  6. To work in partnership with all agencies to meet our mission.
  7. To assist people with single sensory impairments (if there is a need and it can be demonstrated this company is the most appropriate organisation to do so).