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There are an estimated 356,000 deafblind people nationally,, 2010, with a rapidly growing population of older people and the Government's Vision for Adult Social Care - helping to develop the Big Society with personalisation and provision of individual services, your help is definitely needed for this disadvantaged group.


Persons are regarded as Deafblind "if their combined sight and hearing impairment causes difficulties with communication, access to information and mobility. This includes people with a progressive sight and hearing loss".

Deafblindness can be found in all age groups, including children, but the incidence is greatest in older adults.

Many people do not define themselves either as Deafblind or having dual sensory loss. They may use such phrases as: "I don't see too well or hear too well". However, they do describe their vision and hearing loss in terms which indicate that they have significant difficulties in their day-to-day functioning and may need support to live independently. These people could be described as having a combined sight and hearing loss if the deterioration or progressive loss of their sight and / or hearing causes a significant functional impact in one or more of the following: